I’m married to my soulmate, who completely gets me.

My professional background can be summed up in 1 sentence; I graduated with a bachelors degree in MIS at the end of 2012 and have worked in various roles across corporate IT ever since.

Since 2016, I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and have fallen in love with all aspects of the game. In 2019, I started to practice yoga regularly and am determined to grow in my practice there as well. Other than these interests, I’m an avid adventurist, traveler and hobbyist, and I always follow my heart.


As for this blog, I wanted to start documenting our travels. I’ve always found importance in the notion of going back to reflect over the experiences that have made us who we are. These experiences are enjoyed as they are in the moment, and then get lost in the flurry of life and time’s nature of flashing by. Journaling helps take me back again, to pause and appreciate the journey. Meanwhile, I thought it’d be fun to share our stories too.

Thank you for reading.

♡ lisa