4 yrs into jiu jitsu

Passion was a virtue of mine for a really long time. I was stuck in analysis paralysis and had a difficult time choosing something to dedicate myself to because there were so many interesting things I wanted to do in what I felt was such a limited amount of time. All the fun stuff wasn’t a stable income. And quite frankly, things I had chosen to do at the time, I wasn’t really good at. They were the boring stuff, and I was disinterested. I was bored, sad and lost.

As wonderful as the world was, I watched as others pursued their dreams living fulfilling and enriched lives, and it only made me feel less confident about myself. Why was I so bored, why didn’t anything stand out enough among the rest? I thought, maybe I just wasn’t good enough to be great at anything.

Looking back now, it’s obvious why I felt so bored as I was coasting through my life. We could get into all the psychological explanations, or I can just drive it home and say I just hadn’t found what I loved until now. It’s as simple as that, you don’t find it until you do. Once you do, it’ll change your life. The thought process of how I may not be good enough suddenly flipped and switched to how far could I go? A statement which turned into a question sparking curiosity and hope.

Now, I’ve found so many things I love to do and have paved my own path to incorporate those activities into my life. Today, I’ll share a bit of my jiu jitsu regimen.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

I consider myself your average practitioner. I say this because I’m certainly not a professional competitor who does this to earn money for a living, but I’m definitely hooked like the rest of us. Even though I am a hobbyist, training jiu jitsu has helped me focus on the finer details in all other aspects of my life. How you do anything is how you do everything. So, I attribute my improved focus, patience, and diligent work ethic to the wisdom imparted to me through the grace of jiu jitsu. Yes, this is soo cheesy, I know 🙂

*Please note: I will speak for and refer to our practicing community as “us” and “we” because I’ve learned by now that we are an organism. Like a  virus, we’ve intentions to spread our lifestyle to all life forms we come in contact with. All knowledge and growth is shared from the source. *prayer hands* Come train with us.

I started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) in January 2016. Since then, I’ve attended 756 class hours over the span of 4 years. This excludes the number of times I’ve attended open mats and private trainings. I think the average for a practitioner is to train about 2-4x per week, so I fall into that category. Part of me hates falling into any category, since I have an internal battle with my ego who wants to be all unique and special. But the older I get, I realize, that is so self-absorbed. Just do what you like, regardless if there’s anybody else doing it or not. Just do what makes you happy, and do your best.

That being said, I’m still a fan of stats. I am a self-deprecating kind of person, so, keeping stats helps keep me honest to myself, the one who needs it the most. I can hold myself accountable when I’m slacking off, and on the flip side, measure progress and create an action plan towards achieving my goals.

Anyway, here I am 4 years into jiu jitsu. I still love it. Do I consider myself a martial artist? To be honest, I still feel like a martial doodler. Hopefully someday, I’ll feel like I’ve earned a seat at the table among the rest of those I feel are true martial artists. Until then, I’ll just continue to train.